Russian brides: what's so unique about them?

The opportunity to date Russian women is a fantasy of most single men. Russian brides have become a bit of a myth concerning their beauty, personality features, and family values they uphold. Whereas women are becoming increasingly independent and self-sufficient in Western society, girls brought up in former Eastern bloc countries are more traditional. Even though a lot of them are college-educated, their primary ambition is to marry young and raise a family. If unable to achieve this goal, they often feel incomplete and unaccomplished regardless of a career they might have.

Circumstances leading women to become Russian mail order brides

In the post-Soviet era, many Eastern European countries were impoverished, and they offer little chance for a decent life for their citizens. Also, women are actively discriminated against in the workforce and get systematically underpaid compared to men employed at precisely the same jobs.  On top of that, there is inequity in men/women ratio, favoring women who outnumber men in Russia by more than 4 million in the 15 to 64 age group. If you add the fact that Russian men have a significantly lower life expectancy than women, marriage prospects for single Russian women further worsen.

The tendency of successful Russian males to emigrate from Russia and seek better opportunities elsewhere makes them unavailable to marry Russian women. And yet, in a patriarchal society, women are expected to marry young and have children to prove their worth and not to be a disgrace to their families. Instead of searching for a suitable husband locally and risk ending up an “old maid” at the age of 30, beautiful Russian women turn to international dating services.

Russian mail order brides hope to achieve simple things, some of which people from Western countries take for granted: decency and respect, a comfortable life, a loving husband and family. Unlike Russian men who are prone to entitlement and treating their wives with little respect, men from Western countries are more appreciative, and frequently shower their wives with attention and kindness. Also, for a Russian girl moving to another country usually means achieving a higher social standing than the one her family of origin had. Marrying a foreigner thus means moving up the social ladder.

5 things that make Russian brides particularly desirable

  1. Appearance: whatever historical circumstances or genetic influences are responsible for this phenomenon, Russian women are exceptionally beautiful. Adding to their natural beauty, Russian girls invest a lot of time and effort into always looking their best. You will hardly ever catch them looking untidy, with their hair uncombed or wearing baggy clothes. Even if they set out to clean the house or take out the garbage, they will look in the mirror and make sure they look respectable. Regular exercising is another thing to which Russian girls pay careful attention. A fit and athletic body is something they strive for, but it does not imply that they would wear trainers or sports outfits outside the gym. They always look feminine and avoid unisex clothes or overly sportive garments. You’ll practically always see them in high heels, dresses or skirts no matter how warm or cold it is or how rough the terrain they’re walking on is.
  2. Personality: Russian women for marriage have a unique set of personality features that most men from Western countries find desirable. Even in their early twenties, they already reach enviable emotional maturity. They can adjust to almost any circumstances and display a sharp intellect, excellent manners and an ability to act rationally at all times. They are not prone to meltdowns or hysterical outbursts every time something stands in the way of their happiness. Thinking things through and behaving wisely are among their most prominent characteristics. Being eager to learn new things and always better themselves in all aspects is a further advantage they hold over other women.
  3. Cooking expertise: Russian wives are taught how to cook by their mothers and grandmothers from an early age. They can prepare a delicious meal you won’t be able to get enough of from scratch and with the most basic ingredients. It doesn’t take using fancy stuff like exotic condiments and spices to make a great dish; you can do it with ingredients readily available at your local market. It does, however, require skill which is something Russian women have in abundance. Apart from being proficient in preparing traditional food, they are ready to try new recipes and enroll in cooking classes with the sole aim to please their husbands and family.
  4. Housekeeping: Russian women brides will never allow their homes to look untidy or have a pile of clothes waiting for ironing while they drink coffee and gossip. Socializing with friends and neighbors does indeed matter but never takes precedence over tidying up and doing house chores. If you marry a Russian bride, it’s guaranteed that you’ll come home to a clean house and a delightfully smelling meal every night. A mildly tempered and beautiful woman will be there to greet you and ensure that your evening is spent pleasantly in a cozy home atmosphere.
  5. Family values: a young Russian woman strives to find a suitable man to marry and raise children with. No matter how well-educated she is or how important her job might be, she will always put her family first. She expects her husband to be authoritative and to assume the role of the head of the family. The only way an American man can expect to be treated as caringly as he was by his mother is to marry a girl brought up in a patriarchal society. If she grew up taught that the role of a wife and a mother is every woman’s priority, she would never put her career before her husband and family.

How can a woman become a mail order bride?

It’s no big deal at all. International dating or marriage agencies have their branches in Eastern European countries and all over Asia so that a young woman can easily access them. Also, this service is free of charge for the women who apply. Fees are only charged to men who wish to video chat or send text messages to women of their choosing. Before her profile gets added to the dating agency database, every girl’s background is carefully checked to avoid any possibility of fraud or deception. Also, only the best-looking and most intelligent and educated women are allowed to apply. What an international marriage agency does is introducing women from developing countries to men from developed countries and enable their communication. Millions of visitors are attracted to international dating sites every year, and this number is always on the rise. There are over 2000 mail order marriages annually in the US alone. You might think that Russian girls are marrying American men for the sole purpose of getting a US visa or a green card. However, to complete the immigration process the couple must stay married for at least two years. This prevents fraud and discourages women from entering a mail-order marriage to obtain US citizenship.

Can you actually buy a Russian bride?

No. A woman is not a commodity you can purchase. Enabling you to buy a Russian bride would be considered human trafficking which is against the law. A service that a dating website provides is online dating which includes sending text messages, video-chatting, and so on. Women are provided with help in creating a portfolio of attractive photographs, and if a woman is not proficient in English, a translator is available to facilitate communication. So if you browse so much that you come across a website that advertises selling Russian women for marriage, you are well-advised to stay away. It’s likely a scam with intent to make you pay for something they will not be able to deliver. Con artists make fake profiles pretending to be hot Russian women to lure you into a trap and make you transfer money to them for which you’ll get nothing in return. Single men desperate for love are an easy prey for internet predators.

Therefore, you should only use well-established and trusted websites with lots of positive reviews to avoid fraud. Other people’s experiences shared in the comments section of these sites offer a valuable insight into benefits you can gain from using them. You will hear a story of a man who had always felt socially awkward until a mail order bride led him to open up and become more easy-going. Also an account of a busy computer expert who had previously only been able to communicate online, until a young Russian woman entered his life. Similar stories are abundant and speak strongly in favor of this type of match-making. The success rates are staggering as marriages made through international dating agencies are found to last longer and lead to divorces much more seldom.

What services do marriage agencies offer?

  • Establishing contact between interested bachelors and Russian women online. This is a crucial feature that will allow you to meet women overseas, communicate with them and get to know them. There are lonesome people on all sides of the globe. Bringing them together is a massive step towards banishing loneliness and promoting positive family values. Lots of people feel as though no one in their social surrounding understands them. They have an impression that they’re so different from anyone else that they can never fit in or genuinely become a part of their local community. Searching for a like-minded person online is a perfect way to overcome this.
  • Facilitating the communication by providing translation services and clearing up all misunderstandings. When men and women come from quite different cultural backgrounds and speak different languages, confusion and misinterpretations can be common, at least at the beginning. International marriage agencies help clear mix-ups and ease communication between the interested parties. Whenever in doubt what the person you were talking to meant by a sentence, ask the translator employed by the website for assistance and support.
  • Field trips and excursions that will enable you to meet the woman you’ve been chatting with in person before deciding to take your relationship to the next level. Not all dating websites have this option but if you’re keen on seeing your future wife in person before marrying her choose the one that does offer this service.

The terminology issue: is the term “mail order brides” derogatory?

Probably. However, it has become widely recognized and therefore remains in use although it does not accurately correspond to what a marriage agency actually offers. Beautiful Russian brides are neither ordered, nor delivered by mail. They are human beings with a free will to decide who they would like to meet and potentially marry. Using a possibly offensive and belittling term as “mail order brides” serves the purpose of finding online dating services that specialize in international match-making.

Nevertheless, buying a bride is not an option. Instead, you will be able to get in touch with several women whose traits and features match the preferences you listed when registering on a dating website. Subsequently, you will communicate with these women for as long as you need to decide firmly about proposing to one of them to be your wife. However, this outcome is not guaranteed, and both you and your prospective wife are free to back-up from the arrangement at any time. This is very important for both sides because it preserves the sense of freedom and enables you to exercise free will. It assures that none of the persons involved gets coerced into something they’re not comfortable with.

What kind of men hot Russian brides expect to marry

Even though Russian brides have multiple features that make them highly desirable to marry, it also takes a particular type of man to become their ideal husband. Russian women expect their spouses to be dominant, the real head of the family. Men are required to make all the critical decisions and to be the primary breadwinner in the family. It’s up to them to provide for their wife and children and enable them to have a comfortable life. Husbands are supposed to be well-bred as manners are something Russian women value highly.

Unlike Western women who are mostly emancipated and do not expect their men to open doors for them or pull up their chairs, Russian women still appreciate these small courtesies. No need to buy them expensive gifts but an occasional token of appreciation is welcome. A few sincere compliments, given at precisely the right moment can go a long way. There is no shortage of things to compliment Russian women on, starting with their looks and to their wit and sense of humor. Never take a mail order bride for granted, always try to impress her and surprise her with something. A lovely weekend getaway for just the two of you or a reasonably modest piece of jewelry will certainly be appreciated.

Dating tips: how to impress Russian women on a date

After you’d found your perfect Russian bride and communicated with her online for a while, the next logical step is to meet her in person. Only when you see a woman face to face will you be able to determine if there is “chemistry” between you. You might have connected on an intellectual level through text messages but establishing an emotional connection usually requires going out on a date. So, what does one need to know before asking a Russian woman out on a date?

  • Some basic knowledge about her country of origin and her hometown to get the conversation started. Remember – talking to a foreigner is somewhat of a cultural shock for a young woman who’s never been abroad or communicated with a stranger. She might feel frightened, and a simple way of easing her discomfort is to show that you know things about her country and respect its people and culture.
  • Consideration of cultural differences and openness to new experiences and diversity. You should avoid pretending you know everything best and sounding patronizing. Each culture has its unique way to address specific issues, and none is necessarily better than the others.
  • Politeness and good manners. Never allow yourself to be rude or impolite as this would be a massive setback in your relationship. Mail order brides, just like any other women, enjoy being pampered and sweet-talked into trusting you and feeling safe in your company.
  • Romantic gestures. Offer her a flower or a small symbolic gift as a token of your appreciation. Just watch her face light up as she unwraps the package. Making her smile is priceless.
  • Eloquence. If she appears shy or reserved at the beginning, you can be the one to start a conversation and put her at ease. After a while, she’ll open up, and you’ll find yourself admiring her talkativeness and charm. Even if you’re not a great conversationalist and prefer expressing yourself with few words, you don’t have to worry. There are young Russian women with similar features who will quickly adjust to your personality and respect your wish to spend a quiet evening from time to time.

Finally, if you intend to get in touch with Russian brides online, there are a few things to keep in mind. They come from a country with a vibrant and colorful tradition, long history and culture. Do not try to underestimate them. Dire social and economic circumstances might have driven them to seek husbands overseas, but they are proud women with great beauty and finesse. In case you’re wondering “do Russian women make good wives?” we can put your mind at ease. They make perfect wives. They are easy-going and likable, beautiful and well-groomed so that they will make you proud at any social event or dinner with your friends or business partners.

At the same time, they will take care of your children and keep your home clean and tidy. A delicious meal will await you every evening you come home tired from work. No amount of house chores or errands she had to run during her day will make her nervous or cranky in the evening. She will greet you with a sincere smile so that you’ll always look forward to coming home to her.  Many men would insist that discovering mail order Russian brides was the best thing that has ever happened to them. It showed them a way to an entirely new level of possibilities for happiness that they never even dreamed of before.

Despite some prejudice against this type of online dating, they were able to benefit from meeting women from the Russian brides club significantly. Had it not been for international marriage services they would have missed out on the opportunity to come across their soulmate and discover happiness they never thought existed. If you are a single man looking to find love online, check out some of the top 10 sites offering Russian mail order wives and discover what joy life has in store for you. Read the feedback left by excited customers and allow yourself to try something new. After all, what have you got to lose? If you can trade solitude for fulfilling married life, that would undoubtedly be an improvement in your life circumstances, would it not?

Hot Russian brides will make you forget all your daily troubles and let you experience love and affection you had never felt before. Besides being a model wife, a Russian woman will also be your best friend, someone on whom you can rely in times of trouble and who will always support you. Having someone that special in your life is invaluable and certainly worth going the extra mile of meeting her and getting acquainted with her despite all the differences between you. After a while, you’ll discover that you’re much more alike than you previously thought and, soon enough, she will become an indelible part of your life.