Mail Order Brides: Finding Your Soulmate Online

Who said that finding your soulmate online was impossible? In the past, dating online and finding someone to spend your life wife may have been an ideal that couldn’t be fathomed. Internet dating was new and unexplored, so people believed you had to meet someone the old-fashioned way — through friends and colleagues. Mail order brides of the time were frowned upon, yet many men met their matches and went on to live happy lives together.

Today it is much simpler, and you can get emotionally close with your potential bride before you even meet offline. Love can be a convoluted thing, and while it may still come with its own set of hardships and difficulties, finding someone to love is now a lot easier. Today, you can easily meet women from all corners of the globe, establish mutual connections, and visit them personally only when the two of you are ready. If you’ve been looking for the right person, but could not find such a woman in your hometown, international dating can be your way out of this situation.

Mail order brides: important facts you need to know

Still, you should not think of such services as of snail mail, and neither should you believe that you can literally pick any bride you like, and she will sheepishly consent to marry you. That’s not how these services work. Instead, eligible grooms and brides register on one platform and start talking to each other — not unlike on any other dating site. The goal, however, is finding a soulmate, so you will not see people interested in casual relationships — at least, you’re not supposed to.

Finding a bride online also means you will have more time to get to know your potential match, and you will have a chance to make a mature and informed decision about getting married. That is exactly why so few marriages formed via mail order brides site end up in divorce. The relationships take slower to progress, but they last a lifetime as the result. If that is what you’re looking for in a partner, it might be the right time to explore the fascinating opportunities of online dating and meet some gorgeous mail order brides.

Why women become online brides?

Here, the reasons can be numerous and will mostly depend on the region your potential bride comes from. Since it is possible to meet eligible brides in practically every corner of the world, you may let your imagination run wild and explore any states and regions, regardless of how far away or how exotic they may seem.

Also, you should not think that absolutely all women who register with an online bride’s service are interested in your Green Card (or money, for that matter). While most mail order brides are willing to relocate, financial concerns are not their primary motive. Besides, you will notice that most men who register with these services and not necessary stinking rich — and yet, plenty of successful couples meet and marry each year.

What drives these women, then? Well, truth be told — plenty of them are indeed looking for a better life, but that’s not money that should make it better for them. Many gorgeous ladies are disappointed by the local men — especially if they come from Eastern Europe, where the female population outnumbers the male one. Eventually, men get spoiled by the beautiful women’s attention and start acting like spoiled children.

Other ladies, especially if they come from Asia or Latin America are simply looking for a man who would love and respect them. Despite its enormous cultural gap, both Asia and Latin America still have to learn some respect and appreciation for their women. Instead, plenty of kind and hard-working ladies on these continents are being taken for granted, and often — physically or emotionally abused.

Bottom line, these women are not after your money — they are after your love and respect, no matter how childish this statement may sound. They are looking for good husbands who would treat them right, and they are hoping to build healthy and lasting families with a suitable match. In return, these amazing women can open up an entirely new world to you and make you reevaluate your idea of a perfect wife (spoiler: you’d surprised how good marriage can be).

Why join mail order brides services?

Most people are extremely busy, and dating can be very time-consuming (as well as costly). Meeting new people in social situations can be awkward, and no one enjoys being set up with blind dates by family or friends. These types of appointments can go wrong quite quickly as you know nothing about each other and suddenly have to interact face to face.

When using an online dating platform, it all becomes a bit easier. You can look through the ladies’ profiles to shortlist any of the potential matches you’d like to contact. When you do, you can take all the time you need to get to know each other. At this point, there is no pressure — in fact, you can flirt with several women at a time and not consider this cheating.

Another important difference is that you can make use of complicated search algorithms to find a person with similar life views and interests. And the best part is — you just have to read through the lady’s profile to get many answers to the most important questions you may have. With traditional dating, finding all of these answers may take weeks and even months. In online dating, some issues become evident sooner than you’d imagine. For example, you can see how many children the lady wants to have (if she wants to have them at all). With a traditional approach to dating, it’s not like you would ask such personal questions on the first date.


One more important thing to remember is that online relationships, once formed, last longer. As we already mentioned, international couples have lower divorce rates. However, there are more stats you will find impressive:

  • Every year, thousands of single men aged 35 to 60 meet and marry women they met on international bride sites.
  • Of these relationships, almost all of them last more than five years, with only a third eventually ending in divorce. This is less than half of the normal divorce rate in America.
  • Most mail order brides are 21 to 30 years old and marry much older men, but the relationships appear to be more lasting than those of their peers.
  • Around 20 000 Russian women and even more Asian singles register on dating sites each year to find a good match.
  • There is a minimal stigma on interracial relationships these days, with over 15% of marriages in the US being between people of different ethnic backgrounds.
  • Interracial couples often tend to be happier than mono-ethnic ones, and they go through significantly fewer arguments than people from the same country and culture.
  • Children born from cross-cultural unions are healthier and prettier than babies born from mono-ethnic parents. Mixing different genes is, essentially, winning a genetic lottery.

How do international marriage sites work?

The basic logic would be pretty much the same as on any other dating website. To use a marriage site, people are first expected to create a profile and fill in most essential information about themselves and their relationship views. Most of the time, however, is it possible to skip the description part and go straight to browsing through other users’ profiles. You should make use of this opportunity if you’re not yet sure whether you want to stay with this particular website. The registration is free of charge, so it will not cost you a dime to sneak a quick peek into the brides’ database.

However, if you decide to stay, you are expected to buy a subscription or top off your account balance — otherwise, you will not be able to contact the ladies. Absolutely all communication means on mail order brides sites are to be paid for. Don’t rush into thinking that dating platforms are trying to rip you off, though. There is a perfectly viable reason why most marriage sites run on a commercial basis.

First of all, professional agencies always verify their users’ identities — this is especially so for women who come from developing countries. To join the site, they will often have to pay a personal visit to one of the company’s local offices. They’ll be expected to bring their ID and prove that they are indeed single. Besides, most platforms run background checks to make none of the profiles were hacked, and that the lady behind each account is still that same lady who personally came to their office.

Since none of the free dating platforms do that, we believe extra security is worth a couple of dollars a month. Besides, professional marriage agencies have customer support teams that are reachable when you need them and developers who regularly polish the site up. So, your overall online dating experience should be not only glitch-free but also enjoyable.

At the same, no website in this world is 100% safe and secure; neither can it guarantee 100% success rate — not unless you take matters in your own hands and keep a clear head when dating online. These tips should prove useful in the process:

  • You should have an idea of your perfect wife. The algorithms can only work around the information you enter. Describe your ideal partner as good as you can to get the best results.
  • Don’t keep changing your profile or your match requirements. Try to create an image of the lady you are looking for and stick to this as far as possible.
  • The women may be from different cultures. Learn a bit about their country and culture if you want to charm them. This should also give you some topics of conversation.
  • Be polite, be sincere, show good manner, and don’t be afraid to compliment the ladies.
  • Don’t expect to find the love of your life immediately. Just like in any other offline relationship, finding your love online can take a little time. You may not see your perfect match straight off the bat, and conversations may turn sour with some potential mates. Don’t give it up, though; if you persevere, you are much more likely to find the person you dream of.
  • Don’t give away too much personal or financial information. Even if the lady you’re talking to is sincere, it still does not mean that the website can’t be hacked.
  • Don’t send money and report all users who ask you for money. Despite regular background checks, no site is fully protected from scammers. So, don’t give in to any requests — no matter how valid or heartbreaking the lady’s reasons may sound — and immediately report any user who asks you for money to the site management. They will run a check to see if the profile has not been hacked and will suspend it if necessary.

At the same time, you should not be afraid of using a totally legitimate dating site — chances of online fraud on such platforms are minimal, especially if compared to free and unmonitored dating platforms. If you want to make sure the website you see is as legitimate as it claims, think of the following questions:

  • Is site design friendly and welcoming?
  • Is site navigation logical and comprehensive?
  • Is it easy to register and create a profile?
  • How easy is it to browse profiles and start communicating with other users?
  • Is customer service responsive and helpful?
  • How happy are the users? Can people give genuine feedback and reviews?
  • Does the website meet its target audience needs?

With these tips in mind, finding a reliable platform should not be a problem. Our final suggestion would be to stay patient — it may take up to a year before you find a perfect match among thousands of gorgeous mail order brides. Still, keep on looking — everything worth having requires time and patience!


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